First Steps In Launching Your Business

meredith wolf start up business launch

Have an awesome idea but not sure where to start? These are my tips for all you entrepreneurs in the making to calm the turbulent storm that is also known as The Business Launch.


It is so important that you have an awesome circle of family and friends who are going to encourage and support you throughout the process, who will give it to you straight and not always tell you exactly what you want to hear. Create a circle of cheerleaders, wisdom givers, tough critics, and various backgrounds to help in times of need and times to celebrate.


Just because you have an idea doesn’t necessarily mean you have a mission too. This is critical in the beginning to set the standard of what you are out to do. Not only for your future clients but to keep you on track with any future decision on your business.


What value do you bring + what makes you unique to your industry? Once you figure it out make it known.


A lot of the time when people pitch their idea to me it comes with a name. It’s amazing client’s have so much passion + creativity for their ideas but far too often when it comes time to locking down a domain or registering their business the name is taken. I absolutely recommend brainstorming names but be sure to be flexible should it not come to fruition.


Specifically who is your ideal client? Whoever that is should be who you target. watch out if your answer is “well, everyone” because as much as you might think that is the case you also have an ideal client, and that is who you should be targeting and designing your brand voice to speak to.


Whether its a product or service you are offering map out your entire process from your view and the customer’s view. Consider all sides of the business from business generation, accounting + finance, legal, marketing, administration, research + development, customer service, etc. These user maps and workflow processes will hep you cover all your bases and ensure a more seamless brand launch and business flow.


Research pricing in your industry is so important but also figuring out how long a certain project, service or product will take and determine an hourly rate associated to that. This should be part of your mapping process but important enough to be it’s own category.


Research how you are going to get your name out there and have a good understanding of what it takes to market well. Should you choose a platform like Instagram understand the level of commitment and strategy there is for a “simple social platform”.

I hope this helps those out there with those awesome ideas but confused on where to start. Ultimately the number one piece of advance is to just start and because you are so passionate about it the hours put in to make it a success is inevitable.