Using Instagram For Everyday Life

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Instagram is my new Google search. I am quite active on Instagram for things not so common for the average Instagramer but did you know it can be used for way more things than just following friends, family and celebrities?

Take a read below for some not so common ways to use Instagram for everyday life. 


As soon as Mike and I have a restaurant in mind instead of using Google I hop on Instagram and look it up. I love seeing what the venue posts but more importantly I love seeing the pictures that their guests have posted and tagged them to see it from a real life perspective.


I look up hotels and cities to see what’s been posted to help determine whether I too would like to stay there and what seems popular to do


When I first moved here I started searching my own city and found a local artist whose work I fell in love with. After following her for a few weeks I was convinced I needed to purchase a piece for our home. I gained a forever piece of art and she gained a sale all because I searched what was happening on my city.

Need a Photographer? Realtor? Interior Decorator? Search Your City + Job title and see what comes up. I bet you can find some great people out there and view their work right there on the site.


I search hashtags all the time (follow them too) I use this like Pinterest. For example if I’m looking for some kitchen inspiration I might search #WhiteKitchen or #ModernKitchen. I find I get better results using Instagram over Pinterest these days. (I’m also already on this platform far more often too) and when I see a post I like I save it. I also check out the poster’s profile as they could be a potential person I’d like to follow. 


If you find yourself on the job hunt it’s just as important for you to understand their company and culture just as much as them learning about you. Search the company on Instagram and see what they are all about. You might find you stand for a lot of the same things. Bring this up in an interview and I guarantee it will show you did your homework!  


Hoping to read and learn a little more on a particular topic? Search hashtags or Topic + Blog to find some posts on the matter. For Example #MomBlog #LifestyleBlogger #InteriorDesignBlog

If you have some Instagram for Everyday tips be sure to share in the comments!

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