Your branding Prework That Will Guarantee Better Business Results

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As much as I would like to think I can play a magician once in a while it’s really not true. The clients that achieve the best results are the ones who do all the pen to paper that is needed to initiate branding + web design. No matter which Marketing Consultant you approach we will all have some kind of intake form to understand You + Your Business and vision a little more. Of course you have thought about your business you think, “it’s my baby!” Well here is a list of things to ensure you have covered in all those restless nights carefully crafting your dreams of entrepreneurship.

So grab a pen + paper and write down these 10 questions. Once you answer them and feel great about your answers now is the time to contact your consultant!

  1. Who is your Target Audience?

  2. What are Your business’ core values?

  3. Mission Statement?

  4. Tag Line?

  5. What Inspires You?

  6. The Visual Inspiration you would like associated with your brand?

  7. How do you want people to describe your brand?

  8. What is your brand saying?

  9. How are you sharing your brand’s story with your audience?

  10. Who is your competition + what makes you different?

Happy brainstorming my fellow entrepreneur friends!