Baby Girl Nursery | Evie's First Room

As someone who loves to plan, organize and decorate, having 9 months to design my daughter Evie’s room was perfect. I'm also a person who once I get an idea in my head it needs to be done yesterday. My husband was great though and forced me to wait; he also didn't want to tackle any projects in the summer months, that's usually off limits in our house.

Evie's room posed one major challenge. There is no closet. How was I going to organize all those sweet little outfits and store what seems like hundreds of specialty items for this little baby in this small space with no closet to put them in?  Other challenges when designing a nursery is making sure all your furniture and items are exactly where you need them.  It’s similar to designing a kitchen when you are in the midst of cooking a large meal you don't want to hop around to get the job done.  The same goes when you are changing diapers. You definitely don't want to walk away to grab some cream or run across the room to toss in the dirty laundry while baby is on the change pad. Being intentional with every placement was critical.

I'm a big believer in furniture that serves multi-purposes and really not a fan of pieces directed at a very specific use with limited other options. (ie. changing table)

I've always loved the IKEA Hemnes 8 drawer dresser. It holds a ton, I love the rolling, deep drawers and you can also purchase the drawer organizers that fit perfectly all for a great price. This was a definite no brainer and it was perfect to act as the changing table as well. I had already owned the white metal shelf but it wasn't really pulling its weight in the guest room and I knew I could use it next to the dresser for a lot of those diaper changing items, creams, toys, etc. I also already owned the arm chair and all it was doing at the time was allowing our clothes a quick rest stop before hitting the laundry basket in our room.  The little crate I had been using for blankets bit rotating it and using it for books and also as a side table for the chair was more useful.

Her crib was a lucky find. There is a cute used kids clothing store here in town and I walked in and it was right there front and center. It was exactly what I wanted with the slanted legs and white finish. I mean a designer crib for less than half the price, yes please!

Ok, moving on to the closet. I had to speak to Mike because I knew i needed his handy work. We sat down, I showed him my Pinterest inspiration board and these shelves and exposed closet were what we came up with. The brackets are IKEA but used on top of the shelf versus the traditional way of below the shelf. We chose the specific wood and cut of the shelves at Home Depot Canada and Mike was able to make the rod brackets and fasten the dowel perfectly so that her little hangers would fit the way we wanted. I was incredibly happy with how they turned out and even after two baby showers everything was able to be sorted and organized and tucked away neatly.

I'm going to miss Evie's first room but I'm not really one to get attached to "things". I'm focused on the new house and so excited for the childhood she gets getting to live on a lake where she can swim, fish, boat or even skate in the winter anytime she wants.

We will definitely continue to make some awesome memories!

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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