M Y W E E K L I E S | Cottage Essentials

Take your hosting up a notch with these items this summer.


Plan to entertain this summer? Yup. Me too. A lot. With our new home, that is also our cottage, it’s obvious why.

We have had so many guests already and want each and every one to enjoy their stay as much as possible. We hope for it to feel comfortable, fun and relaxing but in order for that to happen there are some important items to have for when friends and family arrive.

I’ve rounded up 9 favourites of what I deem to be essential for any host at their cottage. Here goes!

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1. Stripe-Dyed Beach Towel | $38.40 Anthropologie 

2. Citronella Sea Salt Candle  | $44 Anthropologie 

3. Apron | $9.99 Ikea

4. Led Solar Powered Latern | $19.99 Ikea

5. Poolside Indoor/Outdoor Chair | $558.60 Anthropologie

6. Custom Welcome Mat | $47.59 Etsy

7. Chaise Lounge with Pull Out Tray | $199 Home Depot Canada 

8. Movie Salt and Pepper Queen Sleeper Sofa | $1,999 CB2

9. Acrylic Beverage Dispenser | $39.99 Costco 


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