Beginner's Rules in Learning How To Paint


A little more about me, the new house and why I decided I needed to learn to paint. 

You know when you get a great idea that makes you super excited and you start to get giddy? Well this seems to be my life these days with our new house and all my makeover ideas.  

When we had our first house showing Mike and I were pretty much sold the moment we walked in the door. It was his dream to live on Puslinch Lake (I had never heard of it) but it didnt take much convincing to move me lakeside. So during our first showing we were in love but the home wasn’t necessarily our style so my list of “if we move here this is what I would need done” started. Mike was tentative but my list wasn’t going to stop him from making an offer. Over the 3 months until closing you can only imagine how many great ideas I had for our new home but project 1 was painting of course. Paint is by far the best way to change the look and feel of a space to make it your own.

We get the keys and before anything else Mike, my dad and I all get started on painting. Now, I had only ever painted 1 room previously and it was in a place I rented for about a year. I did an awful job but it served its purpose and anything was better than the dark mushy pea green I would have been living with. 

Over the course of 2 days before all the furniture arrived we painted the living room, dining room and Natalie’s room (including the ceiling). When I say I “helped”, I rolled a few walls with some coaching being thrown at me after each stroke. 

After that I realized I needed (Mike says “want” not “need”) all the other rooms painted too. It just looked too good and I love the fresh and clean look it gives! 

I started with the basement landing. Didn’t do too bad. Mike had to swoop in and rescue a few areas but he said major improvement from the previous attempt. So with all his advice and a few more hours under my belt I tackled Evie’s room and to Mike’s surprise, (and mine) I nailed it! And during that process I realized I LOVE painting. It’s so realxing and I really really love the immediate change it brings to a space. Next came the entrance which I love and my list has grown exponentially! 

So if you are waiting for someone to come in and get the job done for you but don’t want to wait anymore here is my advice to anyone wanting to learn to paint.

1. Get organized! Get your rollers and brushes all set. Use drop cloths! Take the plates off the light switches, get the furniture out of the way and be prepared to have the room in this state for 24-48 hours. 

2. Wear clothes you are comfortable staining. You will be far more relaxed if you do. The first room I did I was a little over confident and went in with some of my favourite yoga pants. Way too much time and concentration was spent on being careful and washing my hands constantly. So get out those old threads and embrace the messy! 

3. Take your time!  Don’t rush. It’s not a race. Made this mistake each time and you can tell. Paint all the baseboards, ceiling, and me. The clean up is so teadeous you do not want to go through it. 

3. Use the paint off the lid to avoid “chunks” dropping into the paint once it dries.

4. Work cleanly. Yes, I’ve suggested wearing clothes you are prepared to stain but working cleanly is paramount. Be sure to watch for paint running down the can and drips off the brush and rollers. You don’t want to step in it and drag it through your house. And finally, always have a damp rag in your hand as you go to wipe up any accidents as you go. 

5. Prepare for real life. There will be mistakes. There will be accidents. Keep extra paint on hand and be sure to write on the top of the can which room it is. This is your insurance for accidents in the future.

Finally... put some music on and pour yourself a drink! 

Now you are all set to tackle that list.  

Thanks for stopping by! Xo

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