I Kissed A Lot of Frogs To Get Here

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In honour of my 1 year wedding anniversary approaching I thought I would share the story of how Mike and I met.

Back in November of 2016 I had been divorced and living the single life for well over a year. Life was filled with work, travel, concerts, bad dates, friends, Toronto Blue Jay baseball games and more bad dates. 

I had been on all the popular dating apps and met so many “not me for me” guys and “oh do I have a story for you” dates I swear I could write a book.

I was home on a Sunday morning after another Saturday night out in the city and had said to myself “one more week of these dating apps and I’m done. I’m ok on my own and all the terrible dating experiences just aren’t worth dealing with anymore.”

So as you do on lazy Sundays I was relaxing on the couch, TV on but 100% of my attention on my phone. I logged onto Bumble and started to flip through profiles. Few matches here and there and sent out my messages (women have to message first on Bumble) and boom, message back from “Bruce”, a good looking Toronto Firefighter who apparently is just a few kilometres away. So we start chatting and he seems funny and smart (but so many do at first) so I’m sceptical. Conversation goes well. Lots of laughs, decided to text versus message in the app and I learn his name is actually “Mike” not “Bruce” (ok weirdo, why have a different name?) and we eventually finish chatting as he was at work and I needed to pack my bags (I was scheduled to fly out to Phoenix, AZ for work the next day.)

Mike and I didn’t end up speaking again until mid week when I randomly get a text apologizing for deleting our match on the app and specially says he is still interested in talking. I remember thinking to myself, “I wouldn’t have even noticed since we weren’t communicating through the app anymore” and wrote it off as 1. Either this guy isn’t tech savvy at all or 2. Maybe he is just making an excuse to message me. Noted.

By the Thursday evening I was in my hotel scheduled to fly home Friday and Mike and I start texting and we didn’t stop the whole night. I couldn’t tell you what we talked about but I have a few memories of sharing what I wanted done with my condo, my love of baseball and why I was in Phoenix. I didn’t receive any shirtless selfies, bizarre stories about pets or unsolicited ummm adult rated photos... this was a major step up in my life so I knew I wanted to meet him in person and we made plans to meet the Friday evening.  

So I fly home and I’m exhausted from a week away for work but I don’t want to cancel so I ask Mike if he would be comfortable coming to my place for a drink instead of going out. I know I know. Major “no no” when meeting someone online but he was a harmless Firefighter! 

So he shows up (on time) and is actually who he says he is. (A worry that is very real in the online dating world)  

He was carrying a wine gift bag and I take his coat and welcome him in. (I never know if I should offer the gift wine immediately or keep it. For real, what is the etiquette here??) So I offer to make him a drink. He chooses gin and soda, also one of my favourites and I choose a bottle of red I have already.

After about an hour of non stop chatting I finally offer him some of the wine he brought and his response was “maybe you should open the bag first?” (Oh god, here it comes, what does this guy have in here? I’m dead. I should have been more careful.)

A light dimmer and tools. O.M.G. I’m in love!

I had told him the night before that adding a dimmer to my pendant light was something I wanted done. So here I have this guy I’ve just met installing a dimmer switch for me. I’m smitten. 

He and I stayed up until 5am talking the whole time. It was awesome.

We actually sent the picture below to his best friend’s wife as a joke that we were already in love and planning the wedding. 

I later found out that when Mike saw my profile he said to his co-workers “I am going to marry her.” They laughed. 

Little did we know only 4 months later I would be pregnant with Evie and married after knowing each other only 7 months. 

And if you are wondering our last house got a major light dimmer upgrade once we moved in together.  ;) 

So that’s that. How I met Mike, whose middle name is Bruce. Who is my forever contractor and never even realized the list of home upgrades he was signing up for when we met.

thanks for stopping by! Xo  

mike and meredith wolf