I’m a Decluttering and Purging Addict and You Can Be Too

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I would define myself as a minimalist.

I’m not one for nicknacks and definitely not one for suveniers, objects to serve as memories, etc. nope. They all need to go. I often tell people I tossed my year books to help them understand the level in which I don’t not want “stuff” just for the sake of having it. I mean what is the whole point of having stuff sitting in a cardboard box in a basement collecting dust? 

I’m a huge believer that you do not need large amounts of stuff to serve as memories. I keep what I actually use. If something doesn’t get used in a season I usually donate it, sell it, or toss it. 

My husband is the complete opposite. He wants as much stuff as he can fit in our home. He loves “it’s on sale and I’m sure one day we will need it.” Ugh. How we coexist is beyond me! Actually I do know. We moved to a house half the size. HA!  The amount of purging that happened was a dream come true. But to his credit he had seen (some) of the light and really slowed down on the hoarding / collecting when I had moved in. I think my philosophies were rubbing off. 

So if you have been thinking “oh wow, I really need to organize and declutter my home” here are my top 10 tips to help get you started. 

1. Have I used this in the last year? If so, how many times? Could I use something else instead,?

2. Don’t hold onto items because you feel you have to. No you don’t. Your kids will continue to make art. If you kept it all you wouldn’t have a home big enough to store it. What do I do? Framed a few pieces to create a gallery wall and they can be swapped out as she wishes.

3. “I’m sure I’ll use it one day.” Maybe. Likely no. So sell it, make some cash and if you really do need it later buy it, second hand, just like the one you sold. Why be the storage container too? 

4. When your kids say “I have no shirts, can we go shopping?” But yet have a full wardrobe of shirts? Have them do an inventory of everything that fits and they will wear. Anything removed sell to a used clothing store and use the money to search for some great finds in their size! 

5. Make it digital. Get with the times people! CDs / DVDs have got to go! There are so many great online options now it’s time to get rid of those dust collectors.  

6. Books you have read. Sell them to a used book store. You have used them, they no longer serve a purpose. Get the cash and run. 

7. All those items you are holding onto for your kids to have someday... I hate to break it to you but they don't want them. Ask them, trust me! 

8. Have a closet full of clothes but only wear a small portion of it? That's because we only wear our favourites! They actually say only 20% 80% of the time so try this... Hang all your items with the hangers all facing the same direction.  Once you wear something put it back with the hanger the opposite direction. Take a look after 1 season and you will know what you didn't wear. Then sell or donate! 

8. (B)  This one will get a gasp...

I have a feeling the item taking up the most room in your closet is your wedding dress? Yeah, I knew it. Well guess what, you won't wear it again! There are so many great shops that buy second hand wedding dresses! Why not pass it along for someone else to enjoy for their big day?

9. Clear off flat surfaces. Shelves, tables, counters, etc. should be cleared of as many items as you can as most of what ends up on them is clutter.  

10. Get over whatever you paid for it. Are you holding onto it just because it cost you a pretty penny?  In economics, costs that have already been incurred and cannot be recovered are referred to as sunk costs. Since you cannot get the money back you should only think about the value that thing can add to your life in the future. 

I truly believe you should only keep what you LOVE and items that truly add value to your life.

For those of you, like me, who love knowing the psychology behind anything, click the button for an article by Psychology Today on the Psychology Behind Organizing and Decluttering.

thanks for stopping by! Xo