Only The Essentials For A Minimalist Baby Registry

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I was so overwhelmed when it came to choosing items for my baby registry. I was getting advice left and right and since I had no experience being a parent I had no idea what to listen to and what not to. I couldn't believe this baby "needed" more stuff than anyone else in our home.   

If you have been following along you will know by now my design and lifestyle is simple and minimal. Very few "frills."

New moms out there. Don't panic like I did, the amount your baby actually needs is very little.

So here it is, My Minimalist Baby Registry Items:

1. Stroller and baby carrier

2. Car seat and car seat cover

3. Diapers, wipes and diaper cream

4. Crib and fitted crib sheets

5. Bibs and burp cloths

6. Zipper sleepers and swaddle sleep sac

7. Baby monitor

8. Infant Tylenol, gripe water, thermometer

9. Wash clothes, soap, hair brush, nail clippers

10. Night light and sound machine 

If breast fed:

+ Breast feeding pillow, nursing bra, nipple cream

If pumping / formula fed

+ Double electric pump, nipple cream

+ Bottles, bottle warmer, bottle sanitization bags and bottle brush

+ Formula

I hope this makes someone's life a little easier in preparation for your newest little one! 

thanks for stopping by! xo

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