My Husband Made Me Do It

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With my 1 year wedding anniversary having just passed I thought this was a great example of the things we do for love and to keep a strong and healthy relationship. 

Mike can be challenging. He either has no opinion or won’t budge on most topics. An all or nothing deal.  Decor and design, I have free reign... until we discuss “The Wolf”.  

About 3 years ago (prior to us meeting) my husband was driving up to the family cottage in Sauble Beach and stopped at the usual gas station for cheap gas. (I swear he knows where the best place for gas is in all the local towns)

He happen to visit the store across the road who specialize in cement statues. He wasn’t in the market for one but wandered over anyways and came across a Wolf but it was $400 and for something he wasn’t even looking for the price seemed steep so he moved on.  Apparently he thought it was cool enough to search Kijiji to see if he could find a deal. (He is king of finding deals!)

So he finds one about an hour away for $80. Amazing (for him), right? He and his friend drive out to learn this family just wants this 300lb cement Wolf gone from their backyard so now knowing this information he offers $40 and they excitedly accept. The Wolf found its new home in our front garden in our previous home. I remember visiting his house for the first time earlyin our relationship and thought, “this guy will do anything for a laugh”. 

I was so excited thinking there was no way this ugly thing would be moved to the new house. First who wants to move it in 35 degree heat and second there is no room at our new place.  

I was wrong. So wrong. 

I had no idea the guys got it into the truck so when I came outside later that day I stopped in my tracks. I actually couldn’t help but laugh.  

Many of our neighbours have asked us the significance which is as simple as Wolf being our last name. But I guess when you are new to the area it certainly helps as an ice breaker! 

The Wolf lives on at our Lake House. We will see how his story continues. 

I would love to hear your similar stories that your loved ones make you do and you grudgingly oblige. 

Thanks for stopping by! Xo  

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