Ready. Set. Party! | Baby Shower Success

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So much planning and prep goes into hosting any type of party and the day comes and goes so quickly.

On Saturday June 9th Mike and I hosted a co-ed baby shower for his sister, Alanna. This will be the first male grandchild to be born on the Wolf side and we are so excited for the arrival of the little guy!

The day was a success with almost 40 guests, a vegan menu and the men invited too. Oh, and we just moved in May 1st. 

My theme for the day was Nautical, with blues, reds and white. It only made sense with our house being on the water and there are so many cute ideas for decor.

Do you have a party coming up that you need to plan for? 

Here is my list for you to check when organizing your next party to make it a success!

Theme & Colour Scheme | Have one! This will not only help with cute decor ideas but overall brings everything together makes everything cohesive.

Set Up. Think it through & Plan for the Worst | June's weather can be so unpredictable. It could have been cold and rainy or hot and sunny. Not knowing we planned for the worst so we ensured the majority of our deck was covered with a large pop up tent and a large umbrella with a second pop up tent down below on the grass for more covered seating. Cover was key.  I also wanted to ensure when people arrived they funneled outside so naturally, I put our bar set up out there. Not only did this help drive people in the right direction but any spills, cooler condensation, etc. happened where it didn't matter. Huge win for a lover for a clean house 24/7.

Parking & Transportation | We have very limited parking and wanted to avoid any opportunities for frustration prior to walking in the door so we put very specific instructions in the envelope with the invite explaining to park at a local (and very close) car pool lot and arranged to have Mike's brother drive a borrowed van to bring everyone over. We even offered fun drinks in the van to make the ride even more special. 

Details, Details, Details! | It's all about the details. Seriously, this is what pulls it all together and makes the "woman of the hour" feel special.  Alanna and her family are vegans so naturally, a vegan menu was a must. (With the odd non-vegan item) I had a candy bar for the kids with all blue and red candies all of which were also nautical themed (ie. gummy blue whales, red gummy flamingos, watermelons, etc.) I used Lifesaver mints as confetti for the tables as well on the string on the cookie favours and around the wrapped cutlery. I designed the fireplace with a nautical looking rope and used clothes pegs to hang 5 nautical patterned onesies and anchored it with red crabs I found at Dollar Tree! All the flowers were white with a few blue pops of colour in some of the bouquets. Another detail was I used a few extra invites I had, popped them in frames and used them as decor as well.

Signature Cocktail | Another detail that makes the day feel more fancy and fun! We called ours the "Scurvy Stopper" (Mike's idea) to go with the nautical theme. It was a blend of vodka, lemonade and triple sec. I added little plastic blue strollers to float in the dispenser to bring in something blue.

Activities | Some of you may not agree but I am not a fan of the forced games you play at showers. And with this being a co-ed shower I couldn't imagine putting the guys through that. So this may have been a little self-serving but we had no games! Well that's not true, we had "Guess How Many Gold Fish" that were in a jar but it was optional. We also had "Message in a Bottle" for the new mom that was also optional. We also offered the hot tub, swimming, any water activity, boat rides and tubing for anyone who wanted. 

Photography | Last but not least was ensuring some great photos from the day. I have a HUGE passion for capturing photos and Natalie has also started on her journey behind the lens as well. So I made sure to take the time to capture some great moments along with the details from the day.  At the end of the party I also did a quick photoshoot of Alanna and her family so they had some great pictures of the 3 of them. 

This was such a fantastic day spent with friends and family and spoiling Alanna and the newest Wolf baby.

I hope this guide helps you with your next hosting gig and makes it easier for your planning.

thanks for stopping by! xo