My Struggle Being a Mom And An Introvert

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I read once that the true definition of what an introvert is versus extrovert is based on how someone rejuvenates themselves. Meaning, you had a super busy week and Friday rolls around, you are running on empty and you have the choice, stay in for a quiet night (ideally alone) or make some plans, go out and let loose with friends. Based on your decision this is the way of identifying an introvert versus extrovert.

I am 100%, hands down, an introvert. If you met me, based on the common stereotype, you would think the complete opposite. I can be extremely social. I would actually say I have excellent social skills and have a reputation of having a full calendar of social events and hosting friends and family.  I can hold a conversation with just about anyone if I choose to do so but it drains me. I only have so much social in me and then I have to refuel by spending time alone. This is why being a mother is so difficult for me. 

As a mom to an 8 month old and step mom to a 9 year old I am never alone. Not only am I not alone but I’m constantly someone’s coach, teacher, activity director, chef, screen monitor, maid, creative director... the list goes on. 

I am so burnt out by the end of the day. Not because being a mom is brain surgery, not because it is physically exhausting but because I never get any fuel throughout the day.

It took me months of running on empty to finally realize I needed time alone to get back to myself again. Mike was very understanding and we figured out a schedule that would work for both of us but at the same time wouldn’t ever truly understand as he is someone who regenerates with others around him.

Right now this is working for us but I am already feeling anxious as Evie gets bigger and things change with each stage so drastically. 

I would love to hear from all you other introverted mothers out there and how you refuel throughout the day.

thanks for stopping by! Xo