Our Street Name Will Make Your Jaw Drop


You likely couldn’t guess our street name and when I tell you your mouth will drop. It always does when I say it. It can be embarrassing but I always hope people realize I obviously didn’t name the street and hope even more they are a history buff that knows the original meaning.  

It can be so unfortunate that people, groups, wars, and events can change the entire perception of a wonderful word. On the contrary words we know as positive, complimentary, may, over time, have meant something negative.

The word “nice” came from the Latin word nescius, meaning ignorant. “Awful” meant something that inspired awe. Now, it means something bad or looks terrible.

So what would you think if a street was named using a word with a positive meaning at a time when it was positive but over time the word has become a symbol for war and hatred? This is the crux.

Swastika Trail is our street name. Yes, we all know that after World War II this symbol and word isn’t something to flaunt. But our street was named years prior to the World War II and actually meant well being, good fortune, good luck, eternity, or abundance. 

It is a little taboo for me to even be writing on this subject considering petitions are flying around, lawyers have been retained and friendships lost.

This is a debate that I can truly see both sides very clearly.

Yes, I hate saying my address out loud, I am terrified of offending anyone I say it to, but I didn’t name the street and it meant something positive and joyful when the street was established.

So yes, I live on Swastika Trail but who knows for how long. Not that we are moving but if enough people put up a fight my IDs may all need to change but for now I am on the fence of the fight. Stick with history or move forward because of history?

What do you all think? 

thanks for stopping by! Xo