Why I Went Gluten & Dairy Free

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They all say your hair starts to grow in thick when you are pregnant and for me it was true. As someone with very fine, thin, curly hair you likely wouldn’t have noticed but I sure did and it was awesome. Probably the only awesome thing that happened to me during my terrible, off from work for 6 months, pregnancy.

They say it also all falls out postpartum and this also rang true for me but in extreme. 

About 4 years ago I had gone to see my doctor about my low energy, constant exhaustion, thin hair and nails and after some blood work we discovered my thyroid wasn’t doing what it needed to. So I went on medication. I had been on it for about a year and hadn’t felt any better so I took myself off and just dealt with it. Accepted it as my new norm.

Fast forward to a few weeks into my pregnancy and one of the first blood tests they do also looks at your thyroid and I was in desperate need for the medication again. So back to Synthroid I go. Feeling no better, worse actually, but attributing it to the little human I was growing inside of me.

After Evie was born I remained on my medication. Considering it was something I needed prior to the pregnancy I thought it was the best choice. But after about 3 months postpartum I was feeling awful and all my hair was falling out (in massive clumps) so I needed to do something different. Mike has a good friend who is also a well-known Naturopath here in town so I made my case and got an appointment.

I was beyond impressed with the level of detail we got into.  Our initial consult was 90 minutes and we talked about everything from diet, sleep, stress, family, medication, vitamins and overall lifestyle.

Based on my symptoms I was tasked with eliminating gluten and dairy immediately as she believed I had a possible intolerance and because of the intolerance my medication wasn’t working the way it should. In addition to the diet change I had to add other vitamins and minerals thinking there could be a deficiency. 

I was scheduled to see her again in 6 weeks to discuss any changes.

It took about 1 week to see immediate change with my gut health but it has remained consistently better than it has ever been in years. After about 4 weeks the massive clumps of hair I was loosing turned into normal, small hair balls you would see washing your hair.

It has now been about 4 months since my first session with her and my health continues to get better as time is passing. 

I am so thankful I listened to my (damaged) gut and tried a different path. I am a firm believer that a proper diet (and water) can help heal if you consult the right people and they can identify the true issue. If I had returned to my home doctor they likely would have done more blood tests, increased my medication and sent me on my way. Now it's evident things are starting to work like they are supposed to.

With the combination of the Naturopath and my doctor I am confident I am on the right path to regaining my health. 

thanks for stopping by! xo