Essentials for the Perfect Guest Bedroom


Growing up my summers were spent in Muskoka at my grandparent’s cottage. Once they sold it we were fortunate enough that my aunt and uncle bought a place in Lake of Bays a few years later. Many of my friends also own summer homes, trailers, lakehouses, we travel using AirBnB, so to say I have spent my fair share of nights in guest rooms is an understatement.  In addition, we now own a home where the guests are lined up at the door to stay a night or two. 

There are 10 Must Haves for any Guest Bedroom to make life easy and ensure a comfortable stay in their home away from home. 

Mirror | This is an important one. When I wake up my hair is typically all over the place, sleep in my eyes, that whole disheveled look is on lockdown. A quick fix in a mirror before I walk out of the room is so appreciated and any host should appreciate it as well ;)

Fan | Not only are fans great for hot summer nights but also provide some white noise for those unfamiliar sounds. 

Extra Blankets | This definitely applies to guests here at our home because we like it freezing but realize many others do not. 

Empty Flat Surface | Critical! When guests arrive unpacking a few items is usually step 1 and they need a place to put their items. The top of a dresser is ideal but make sure it isn't cluttered with stuff.

Nightstands | I always have a glass of water, a book and my phone next to my bed at home and I travel with these items too. Having a place to put them when I am away is super important. 

Magazines or Books | Despite having lots of experience staying overnight at family and friends sometimes it still takes me a while to fall asleep so having a magazine to browse always helps. Especially when I forget mine. 

Hooks or Hangers | Wet towels, bathing suits need a home, and this is much better than on the floor! 

Easy access to an outlet | I feel so uncomfortable moving people's furniture around just to access an outlet. Keep this in mind when setting up the guest space. No access to an outlet? Maybe add a small extension cord so any rearranging isn't necessary. 

Garbage can | I don't think this needs explanation :)

Clock | I still get disoriented in the middle of the night, home or away, and having a clock to let me know the time helps bring me back to reality. Am I right?

There you have it!

If you have all 10 of these items in a guest room, they will never leave! 

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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