The Concepts Behind My Style

meredith wolf

Having a blog and Instagram dedicated to all things home, naturally I am going to get a lot of questions which I love. One of the best questions I was asked was if I use any decorating concepts or rules when styling my home. Immediately I thought the answer would be no, I go with my gut. Which is somewhat of a lie. I do go with my gut now but that is only because I have studied and my gut is educated in what works and what doesn't for me.

So after some thought, I have boiled down my strategies to these 4 concepts. 

One | Coordinate and Watch Out For Matchy-Matchy

Imagine this. You and your family are getting dressed up for a family photo shoot. You want everyone's outfits to work together. Do you make each person wear the exact same thing? White t-shirt and jeans? Or do you want everyone to coordinate but not be overly matchy-matchy? Likely the latter. This way each person has a guide to work with but they can take it and add their own flair.  This exact concept is something I follow when styling my spaces.  Taking an ultramodern couch and using traditional side tables or having a rustic dining table and using a ultra glam chandelier. These eclectic looks are my favourite and will give your space character, texture and layers.

Two | Design For Real Life

I get asked all the time how I would use a space; large or small. The first question I always ask is how do I want to use this space? What makes the most sense for our lifestyle and our family. This will keep you on the right track during your design and decor planning because you know it will actually get used and make sense for your home. 

Three | Money Matters

You do not need to spend a ton of money to get your home looking and feeling great. I believe in spending the bigger bucks to get quality items for a couch, mattress or dining table; the things that get used all the time. When it comes to the rest you can get away with the less expensive items. These are usually the items that get swapped out by season or trends too, so a much cheaper alternative to changing the look by getting new pillows versus a new dining table. 

Four | I know What I Like

I know what I like and I know what I don't like. This sounds like its obvious but if I asked you, so what style are you drawn to would you know the answer? If you don't, that's ok! You get to do one of my favourite things, Pinterest! I would highly recommend you start pinning anything and everything that you love. Not just home decor either. Fashion, hair, food, photography, travel. You will start to see patterns. Colours, styles, places. Once you realize what gives you all the feels then its so much easier to translate that to your home. 

So that does it. My four most important styling concepts that I use each time I am styling a room, purchasing a new item for my home or brainstorming my next DIY. 

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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