The Wolf Signature Summer Cocktail

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Have you caught on that Mike and I are no strangers to having guests over? If that has gone over your head I’m doing something wrong.  

Like true, professional hosts, we have created our Summer Signature Cocktail, The Wolf Smash. It’s a super refreshing, light, gin beverage perfect for a hot summer day. 

Chef Mike AKA Mixologist Mike's recipe for the Wolf Smash:


2.5oz of gin

Juice from 1 whole lime

Four mint leaves

1tsp of sugar

1/2oz grenadine

10 thin cucumber slices

Club soda 


Mix all ingredients (not including club soda) in cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously

Fill tumbler half full over ice and top up with soda

Makes 2 cocktails

thanks for stopping by! xo