One Piece Of Advice For Your Best Christmas Tree Yet

It’s true, we are talking the Holiday Season! The shops have their decor on display and the good stuff goes quick so here is my one piece of advice for your best tree yet.

Meredith Wolf Blog Holiday Decor Christmas Tree

THINK BIG! That’s what gives a tree the “it” factor. I am not referring to the tree size itself but the decorations. 99% of tree ornaments are tiny but with all similar, smaller sized decorations all over a tree it doesn’t give it any visual interest + depth and can come off looking too busy. So here is the trick, add larger sized items to balance it out. Great suggestions would be large ribbon around the entire tree along with big stemmed decor or branch (ie. large poinsettias, bows, leaves, etc.). With these easy updates your tree will go from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out these examples of stemmed decor and some tree examples that use this big secret!