Quick Updates You Can Do Immediately To Make An Instant Impact for your Instagram

Meredith Wolf | Owner + Author

Meredith Wolf | Owner + Author

Looking to improve your Social Media Presence? I think for those of us using it professionally we are always looking for ways to improve our profiles. Lately (in addition to help with paint colours) I am getting asked for tips and tricks with social media. It’s a loaded question and I could do a 2 hour presentation on it (I have one) and I would only scratch the surface.

I thought putting together a list of the quick + easy tips would be beneficial for those beginners out there to get things going in the right direction.


Treat this like your shop front. Stats tell us we only have 8 second to make an impression and 150 characters to do so. Your Bio should include Who You Are, What You Do, How You Do It and Where you do it. Always use the URL space to include your website and ensure the overall description includes some of your personality and any branded hashtag.


Update your IG profile photo with something that is a strong representation of you. Business transactions are all about relationships and the story your brand shares. A welcoming, casual and authentic photo is a great start to those connections.


People want to feel connected to who they are following. No better way to get started on building relationships with your online community than Introducing yourself and including some facts, a story or something personal.


This is an easy one and obvious for most but make sure your profile is public versus private.


Instagram Story Highlights are a fantastic way to put valuable content front and center and create a better user experience. And that’s what it’s all about!


If you are putting all this time and energy into using social media for your business and not using the data and analytics it provides you (FOR FREE) you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Check it out. Learn what it means and use it to improve your strategy.


Ok, this is a HUGE, MASSIVE, IF YOU ONLY TAKE ONE THING AWAY FROM THIS MAKE IT THIS ONE!! Ensuring your next post is within brand, helpful to your audience, teaches them something, considered valuable, helps build the relationship all while being ORIGINAL then get that post up! If it’s not, stop! Just as much as a great post can improve your business on the flip side posting “just to post” can hurt your online reputation and make you look unprofessional, inconsistent, unclear, and overall gives the impression of a lack of strategy.

What would you say are your go-to quick tips to improve an Instagram profile for business’? Be sure to comment the ones missing off this list!

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