Powerful Secrets to Help Launch Your Blog

meredith wolf blog launch tips

For me it all started with a blog. I think that is common for a lot of us. I was on maternity leave, purchasing a new house and tackling a reno. Pair that combination with someone who has a huge passion for all things home, things are definitely going to happen.

Looking back I can say I certainly did not do things in the order that would have made life a easier. I just jumped right in (as I usually do) and had to throw things in reverse a few times to set a better foundation. You see, I think a lot of us start an account on Instagram postings things we love and don’t think about it from a business standpoint. So things start rolling and all of a sudden you are further along than you thought and you don’t even have a website.

Well I am here today to help you avoid those times of throwing things into reverse so you can continue onward and upward.



Whether you are a large corporation or a one man show branding is everything and unfortunately an essential step so many miss. What this means is establishing your voice, mission, values, audience, and of course, the overall look and feel of your business and ensuring that is consistent everywhere. Branding is a combination of all the above and what creates your brand’s “it” factor. The intangible “feeling” it gives you when you see a brand’s product or service.


Let’s say you want to kick off a travel blog. I want you to think about everything that comes along with travel. Transportation, hotels, rentals, food, culture, music, language, religion, adventure. So many of these things can and should be discussed in addition to posting beautiful beach or cathedral photographs. You should determine what you love and create different content streams under the overall umbrella of travel to ensure you have a well rounded topic that encompasses everything that you love and will have an easy time writing about.  This ultimately helps drive your story-telling and delivers the script of your brand.


What is the overall goal for your blog? To share with a few friends and family and ultimately keep it private? Put your heart and soul into it in hopes to ultimately make enough money to travel and blog for a living? Something in between? Whatever the goal a strategy needs to be in place.


Consider your outlets to promote your blog/site and which ones will you use and how. All ideas should be true to brand and be in conjunction with your ultimate goal.



Sit down and Brainstorm as many blog ideas and topics as you can. If you can get 30 you are in a great place.


Ensure you have fantastic media to pair with your content. This means professional, original photos edited and ready to go. Far more than you think… and then some.



Set a goal for the amount of blog posts you would like to publish per week and then schedule out your month.


If your goal was to really go all in then marketing is a must. I always recommend hiring a consultant for both branding + marketing strategies.


Its one thing to publish your blog post but how will anyone know it exists? Yes, you can use SEO tactics and Keywords but for the average blogger, these acronyms mean nothing but a whole lot of extra learning or dollars spent to pass it to an expert. Marketing your blog is crucial to drive traffic to your site and the easiest way is through the free social media channels.  Instagram is my favourite and can be done if you read up on tactics and strategies. Bottom line, use Instagram to promote your site.

What tips do you also recommend for launching a blog?

thanks for stopping by!