Why You Need To Upgrade Your Personal Squarespace Account to Business Immediately

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hello you beautiful start up. I know why you are here. You want to learn as much as you can for free because you are seeing those expenses climb. I get it, I was there. Still am!

My motto is getting the best products without over spending on things you don’t need but I always put importance on quality over quantity.

So, yes, you likely have started a Personal Website on Squarespace thinking that is all you are going to need. And if you are only looking for a website, then sure, that’s it. But guess what, There is a lot more work than you think to get your audience to your site and to keep them there and the Business Level Account gives you them.

Ok so instead of $12/mo an additional $6/mo gives you all of these amazing tools for your biz.

Here are the features that the Business Plan offers that will make a significant impact on your new biz and ultimately, sales growth.

G Suite

So you get a free annual G Suite Account which is normally $50US per year. This means you are sending branded, professional emails to your audience and clients instead of meredithwolf@gmail.com (more personal than professional, right) a small detail but everything is in the details!!

Marketing Promotional Pop Ups

This may not seem important or relevant but down the line you are going to want this. To announce new products, sales, blog posts, etc. It is a great marketing tool that comes with the business plan but not offered in personal.

Ability to Add Customized CSS

ok, this may sound like another language but this is critial to keep things on brand! Squarespace only offers so many fonts and if you have already branded yourself, then you have selected typography. With the ability to customize CSS then you can add in your brand’s fonts! Consistency with your brand’s visual identity is branding 101 friends!!

Premium Blocks + Integrations

This one is SO IMPORTANT!! Without this functionality you can’t add the free Acuity Scheduler, (which you also get with this Squarespace account) Email collection, MailChimp, OpenTable, Amazon, the list goes on. This is part of the bread and butter to help move your clients through your process and to keep them informed, otherwise your site is just well, some info on the web but it can be SO MUCH MORE!

So go ahead, upgrade your account., You won’t be sorry. And no, I do not work for Squarespace nor will I make any money if you do, I just believe whole heatedly this is your best move for ANY business.

If you want to upgrade but all of this sounds too complicated, check out my packages for new biz owners just like you. I can help! Check out my web design services here

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Meredith xo

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