How You Could be Scaring Away Your Followers

Tips for entrepreneurs with their social media

So you are an Entrepreneur and using Instagram to build your online presence and brand awareness. AMAZING however you notice fluctuation on your followers or can’t seem to grow your audience at all. I love that you are paying attention to this as it should be a sign something is off. That something is likely your content.

People use instagram to be inspired, feel good about themselves and walk away better than when they arrived.

when i share these tips with new business owners they usually shut down the idea or argue why this wouldn’t be a good idea for them. i get it. i was there too but guess what, this is proven to be exactly why people start becoming loyal fans of you and your brand.

'Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart' – Joe Chernov

1. You aren’t reciprocating their engagement. They are taking the time to like and comment on your posts and you don’t make them feel seen or heard. Make it a rule that you will reply to every comment made on your posts and follow them back. Making your audience (and fans) feel seen and heard will be a solid foundation to your working relationship.

2. Your content is too varied and they never know what they are going to get. If you haven’t established your target audience and specific value you offer then you will likely be creating varied content that ranges from an awesome recipe you tried to a funny story that happened to you on the weekend with sprinkled business related posts in between. The number one rule in creating content. Write towards that ideal customer every. single. time.

3. Your content is all about you and not them. If you have a personal Instagram account this makes sense but when you are a small business your audience doesn’t really care about your personal posts (everyday) Yes it’s important to share a little of who you are but that should not be the bulk of your posts. If your ideal client read your post would they get value from it? Or is it just another diary post mostly meant for … well yourself?

The overall takeaway from these 3 items is that you have create valuable content directed to your target audience. Here are ideas on posts that get the highest engagement on Instagram, your blog, Pinterest, etc.

“How To”, “Tips For”, “Ways To”, “Step-By-Step”, “You Should Know About”, “How I Created”

so here is where the debate starts. you are thinking, “ok, if i do this i now offer no value to my clients because i am giving it all away!” but in actuality this showcases your value and shows helps them feel like they can also do it!! this is how you want your tribe to feel. empowered, informed with a “i can do” this attitude.

i promise if you can get your audience to this place they are going to tell all their friends about you and why they should also be a fan. this establishes you as a credible expert in your field and the “go to” professional for your services.

i challenge you to start creating these types of posts and see what happens. i have a feeling the response you receive on these posts will be very diffferent than those ones of common motivational quotes or what should have been a personal diary entry.

meredith xo