The Technology Tribe You Need For Your New Business

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Everyone is talking about professional tribes and of course i encourage you to gather those who will inspire, push , challenge and encourage but everyone also needs a tribe of technology to make things work the most EFFICIENTLY for my small business. so in true Meredith style, right to the point, here is a list of 6 programs i couldn’t live without to keep this small one woman show alive!

Here is a list of the best programs to sign up for for any start up or small business


I use this program all the time and I love the upgrade features of adding in all your branding elements (fonts, colours, logos, etc.)


Ok, if you post on Instagram as a method of advertising this is the best app to plan out your posts. At a small, $9/month (USD) it is so worth signing up.


This is a big one and a fairly big price tag but an obvious and a must for creatives.


on sale right now for only $5/month this is a MUST. Not only does it keep all your finances in order but you can also invoice your clients through the program and it’s deposited straight into your account. Easy-peasy!


Super easy to use and a wonderful tool to help scheduling appointments with your clients and collect information through intake forms. It’s free with a business level account in Squarespace too!


Self titled “next generation enterprise experience” this is by far the best program for video conferencing, webinars, digital conference rooms + phone systems. at approximately $200 per year USD and you can integrate acuity + zoom this  is your best program to get your meeting completed quickly and professionally.

happy downloading my fellow biz owners!

Meredith xo

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