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*In addition to this intake form, please send links, pictures, visuals, etc. to of logos, sites, photography, art, ANYTHING that you are loving visually (and could see your target audience loving as well)

*Should you have a Pinterest board already created with your inspiration please share it with me. (Pinterest: My Wolf Design)

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Describe your target audience. This is a description of your ideal client. Age Group Gender (M, F, both) Location (local, regional, national &/or urban, suburban, rural) Marital/Family Status Income Level Education Level Occupation Personality types Attitudes Values Interest/Hobbies Lifestyles Behaviors Do they currently use your service? What problem are you solving for them? How do you best reach your target audience? What drives them to make the purchase?
This is your WHY. Why you do what you do.
How would you describe your existing brand? In other words, how would you describe your reputation?
What colours would you like to see associated with your brand? What colours do you NOT want to see associated with your brand? If you have HEX codes of colours you want in your palette please provide below. If you have fonts or font styles you want in your branding please provide names below.
What feeling do you want clients to get when they think and see your brand?
Please add anything here that may not have been covered.