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from creating your brand identity, designing your website to ensuring it captures your target audience, I have you covered.


Branding is establishing your voice, mission, values, target audience, and of course, the overall look and feel of your business and ensuring that it is consistent on all platforms. Branding is a combination of all the visuals plus marketing and the appropriate delivery that creates your brand’s “it” factor; that intangible “feeling” it gives you when you see a brand’s product or service.

website design

When I started designing websites it became clear to me that business owners were looking all looking for the same thing for the same reasons, they didn’t have the time (and knowledge) to tackle website building on their own and needed to reach out to an expert but all wanted it done for a great price. in my work I stick to timeless, simple, but modern, clean design that will appeal to your audience with a priority on functionality.

eCommerce design

Creating eCommerce websites for creatives + lifestyle brands through strategy and custom design.

content writing cambridge ontario

content writing

Providing you relevant content for your new website that targets your ideal client  

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